Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scrapping Away

Hubby is gone, it's Saturday, what's a girl to do? Other than getting some scrapbooking done, I also slaved 4 hours cleaning out the shed, so I hope that's a fair balance ;)


We bought a mega size box of Brownies at Walmart and kids have patiently watched it sit in the cupboard so we finally made some today. Adrianne looks puzzled since she did not get any.
You can view the pictures larger just by clicking on them. They don't seem like much here but they are huge and you can see details much better :)

Tornado Season

Hubby left for a week long mission on Thursday and we got some bad weather Thursday night and more through Friday. The weather channel was threatening with hail, tornadoes, floods, and what have you, oh, what fun ! This morning it was sunny again and no sign of any storm anywhere even though last time we saw alarming puddles and ponds forming in the neighbor's backyard and in our driveway. Our large pond filled though ! I should probably go and take a picture for Ree to see it in case it will go down again before he gets back. We had never seen a drop of water in that one and it was nice to have an orange puddle you can actually call a "pond" with the right amount of optimism ;) Our little pond that Adrianne likes to wade in got bigger and she was all excited to be actually swimming around. Frogs are out and you can hear them singing. Susan and Ethan came to visit on their way from Walmart - great time to get some company, we all enjoyed it.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Coasters, coasters everywhere :)

Guess what I got in the mail the other day? I ordered coasters from two different sources just to be able to compare the quality and they all came on the same day. I have to say I like the medium weight better, I got both square and circle ones but now wish I had more of the circle ones to make these cute books with. I am only showing a few of the pages since it is not all finished yet. I thought my mom in law would like to have these, with the pictures I took while we visited with Shy in North Carolina. The kids had a ball and the pictures show it :)

Diorama Card .... shameless case !

I fell in love with this card the minute I saw it and shamelessly cased it the very same day. I made one for each of my direct downlines. These are so totally addicting, my Happy Camper set I earned through SAB just came and I can't wait to sit down and make another diorama card with it. I will have to design this one from scratch and will be facing some important decisions ... is the bear going to break into the camper? Is the camper going to run over the bear? Is the bear going to steal the marshmallows???? Fun, fun ..... will post here soon.

Diorama Card .... so easy a child can do it !

I had the kids make their own diorama cards for Keep in Touch Friday and we used the same design but changed the colors a little (I ran out of certainly celery). Here is the one Sebastien made, using Apricot Appeal, Cool Caribbean and Chocolate Chip.


Here are my boys in the tent. We pulled out our tent and pitched it by the
fence under the pine trees. The kids have been spending most of their afternoons there playing pretend. We are planning a full blown sleepover when Ree gets back from his mission. The dog, the cat and all that fun stuff, ha ! Last time Adrianne was inside sleeping with us and Gus casting cat shadows on the tent walls, it was driving her crazy, ha !

Crystal Effects and Dazzling Diamonds

I may have invented a new technique ;) As you know, I signed up for the Crystal Effects and Dazzling Diamonds swap. I ordered my crystal effects, found my re-inkers, and had a lot of fun mixing the two and sprinkling dazzling diamonds on top. After making all 20 cards I realized I was supposed to use a window sheet ..... oooops ! I , however, love the way my cards turned out and I hope the other swappers will forgive me. Shannon knows I just don't do well with any techniques that use window sheets, ha ! I guess this proves it. Let me know what you think of the card :) I used two different colors, Apricot Appeal on the center of the flower and Tempting Turquoise for the petals. Darker colors seem to mix better as they make more of a statement. I tried the Cool Caribbean and it was just way too pale, the crystal effects did not look blue, just dirty.

Bundle of Joy

I got my spring mini order and wanted to play with this adorable set. As you know, I was not thrilled with the mini when it first came out and it took me a while to feel the "love" but some of the sets have really grown on me, including this one. I watercolored the bear with close to cocoa and cut him out and raise him with dimensionals. It looks so much better in person. Unfortunately I am out of most colors of cardstock so I had to use chocolate chip for matting, ha ! Learning to challenge myself with different color combos using the few colors of cardstock I have left :)

I have my own blog !! I am so excited :)

Hello everyone,

after seeing all the wonderful blogs our there by other stampers, I finally took the plunge and started my own blog. This is where you can come and view my latest creations and also get a scoop on what is going on here in Oklahoma. I will do my best to post weekly with updates, pictures of kids and cards/projects. Please feel free to post with comments or ideas. And of course, I expect heavy raving about my creativity, ha ! Just kidding.

Enjoy :)