Monday, December 17, 2007

New boy :)

We brought a new boy with us from Texas, well, at least he looks new to me. We finally caved in and decided to cut off Remy's hair and give him a boy haircut. He is just not the same without the curls. All my kids start out with these gorgeous curls and end up with my straight hair, wonder why that is. So, anyway, here is Remy with his "shortcut" (as he calls it). After a week I finally stopped looking at him every 30 seconds and after a few weeks I can tell him from Babo even with his back turned to me. Ha ! Let me know what you think.

Follow the leader

I had to include this picture of all of us in the maze. Up to this day Pa and Nadja are still discussing who actually led us astray to get lost and who got us out. I am afraid Nadja will be teased about this for a long time, until something better comes up , that is ;)

Haunting Halloween

Here is a shot from the Haunted Zoo night. I did not expect to like it as much as I did, we all enjoyed seeing all the wonderful displays, I think the adults more than the kids at times. Nadja and Sebastien chose to be dressed as pirates, Remy to my surprise chose the bumble bee costume, after a month of talking up all the Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Power Ranger ideas. He was super cute though.

Company and more company

We were so blessed this fall to have both Tan and David and kiddos and Mom and Dad come visit. We are working our butts off to finish up our back room so we can have a more comfortable set up for people visiting. Promise, David, no more sleeping on the floor !! The cousins had a ball playing together and I was able to get some last minute shots the day they were leaving. You will notice Milana not cooperating much, Remy pouting, Nadja trying to pull it all together for me, Babo sporting a Beatle haircut and Finn being Finn, silly, that is, but I still love the picture.

Blogger Flake !!!

Oh my, could it really be I haven't posted since July? I'd better get my act together and post here more regularly. So much to catch up on, not sure where to start. We had a great summer, mostly filled with dogs and cats and what have you. In fall we enjoyed some good company and good autumn fun. Winter caught us unprepared with an ice storm and a week with no power. Please see following posts for details :) Here is a late summer picture of the kids and myself.