Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some critters have come and gone ... continued

This is Dog. He adopted us. Showed up one evening and didn't let the others run him off. I told the kids they could not name him because we were not keeping him. So he was called dog for the longest time and eventually became Dog, I had to explain that at the vet's several times. He found a great family through CL that just lost their long time friend and even though they were still grieving they fell in love with Dog. Very sweet people. They drove 2.5 hours to get him. Turned out the gentlemen used to teach at Harrah schools. Dog is now part of their family on a large ranch on OK/NM border. His new name is Pepper.

Some critters have come and gone

Samson found a home with a wonderful family in Purcell, about an hour south. He was just too interested in the livestock and I never did completely trust him but he was a good loyal friend and we miss his mellow face around here. He is now a companion to a 13 year old boy and we feel the Lord has really had his hand in placing both Samson and Dog with the right people. These folks had a shar pei before and liked the personality. We took Samson down there and I showed them how he was trained and talked to the son about maintaining the alpha status with him. We got report that he did great and they never had to use leash on him. Samson probably thought he died and went to heaven being the only dog.

Has it really ....? An update.

Has it really been a year and a half since last post? Just can't be. Time seems to be flying here. I obviously cannot sum up 18 months in just one post so I will try to space it some and see if I can dig up any pictures to go with specific events. I can, however, give you a quick summary of what is going on now.

Ree is still with the Navy but looking to soon transfer into civilian life, how soon that remains up to the Navy and their speed. He is getting ready to take another med board but we don't have any details or date on that one. Workwise, he is still with the Navy Honor Guard and enjoying that.

We are back at Trinity Bible Baptist Church and happy to be back. Pastor and Mrs. Derksen now rent the house next door and their son Jason with his family is here also.

We have expanded the farm some - with dairy goats, meat rabbits, guineas and two working farm dogs. We like having fresh milk and cheese, hoping to add some chickens next year for fresh eggs. We had a new shed built, fenced in some more pastures, weather proofed some of our existing outdoor structures, set up the "rabbit motel" and lined up the front fence with welded wire fencing to prevent strays from coming in and to keep our critters in.

The house remodel continues - we redid the master bath last summer and we are about finished with the guest bathroom and about half way done with the kitchen. Hope to be finished before winter comes. We had an electrician upgrade our wiring and change the box, which was a hefty sum of several thousand dollars but way worth it. I will cover some of the remodels in separate posts as I am sure some of you want to see pictures.

Kids are still in soccer and doing well. Ree and I both coach the Tigers (which is Remy's team). We had 3 out of our 6 players come back and we do miss the ones who did not come back. The team moved up to U-8 division so we now play on larger field. Nadja and Sebastien are both in U-12 division and they both travel a lot for their games. Most weekends we are in two or three different places depending where they play. Remy's team also travels now but not as far as the older two. Nadja and Sebastien still take piano lessons and we are impressed with them.

We had quite a bit of company over the time - Dada came twice to spend summer with us, my mom visited in the spring and we got to see Mom, Dad, Tania and kids as well.

We just had a nasty flu, slowly getting over it. Remy is starting to show some asthma symptoms during soccer. Sebastien seems to be fine anymore, other than his visual migranes every so often. Ree is still seeing his lung specialist for the sarcoidosis, everything seems to be stable there.