Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Heartfelt Thanks

I made this card and it looked really plain, so I played around with it some more and really like the way it turned out with the chocolate polka dot designer paper.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to me :)

I couldn't resist getting these cute penguins in a group picture :)

Remy turns 4

Our baby just turned 4 today, time sure flies. He was very excited about getting to be such a big boy and telling everyone weeks in advance. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday since Ree was going to be at work on Monday and we did not want him to miss out. He had already missed enough birthdays as is. Kids get to pick their own cake on their birthday and Remy had fun picking his. We goofed around on the new tire swing a bit after lunch since it was so nice out and then had cake and party inside. Remy picked Happy Feet plates and favors and I snapped a few pictures of my "little penguins" in the yard. He wished for some Playmobil toys and that's exactly whats he got and the house was quiet the rest of the afternoon ... the boys were so preoccupied by playing, they did not come out until dark. We will throw the boys a real party in May, they are still deciding between cowboy or pirate theme. Lots of room here to rope some cattle or look for treasure , we will just have to see which it's going to be ;) Oh, did I mention the pretty card Mrs. Derksen made him??

Oh, fun ....

We have been wanting to put a tire swing up for months now. I made a lame attempt and put the tire way too close to the trunk, it was suicidal to even try swinging in it. Poor Nadja got slammed against the tree, she still has some scratches to show for it. So , finally, Ree got out there on Sunday and re-attached it on a different branch (thank godness there are plenty to choose from) and it worked great. It turned out as an unexpected but much appreciated present for Remy's birthday and we all had fun taking turns on it. In church clothes, mind you !

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Swap cards

These are cards from recent swap, they are just so beautiful. These were my favorite :) The technique uses crystal effects, re-inkers and dazzling diamonds glitter.

More Big Blooms

I have been playing with my Big Blooms set and having fun with it. Every so often I come across a stamp set that can make darling cards yet they are so simple to create.

Playing with Big Blooms

Monday, April 2, 2007

A few more days ....

until Ree comes back. We all miss him so I am posting this picture of him. Does he look like a hillbilly already, or what ? Ha !