Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mowing bliss

We realized that with the 5 acres to keep, we would eventually need a riding mower. Well, when Dad came to town, it did not take them long to go out and get one. Remy thought having a tractor was the neatest thing and he sat on it for quite a while that morning. As if sitting on a still mower wasn't a thrill enough in itself , imagine the bliss when he actually got to ride and drive one ;) And did you see the serious face on Ree while he is driving, such a serious business this mowing, I tell you. Plus there is a gang of cheerleaders always cheering him on as you will also notice. After getting half the front yard done, however , the mower stopped and wouldn't start. Ree and Dad had to fix it later when they drove up to visit with mom. It's working great now and kids enjoy the weekend rides. A big patch of my blackberries got mowed over in the mowing enthusiasm, but I guess I can overlook that, ha ! It's fun to watch the damage we do as uneducated gardeners. A bunch of pretty Virginia creeper vines got chopped off in firm belief they were Poison Ivy, ha ! I have to say, they do a lot a like, though, so I can't really hold it against Ree. And the blackberries will come back next year.

So much to catch up on !!

Oh my, I haven't been here for a while, my little blog looks a little neglected. Let me see if I can recall all that happened during May, now that the month is almost over. Pa and Bama came to visit, our fridge broke down and stopped cooling, roof started leaking, we had some crazy storms and a few tornadoes, we adopted another cat (or she adopted us), we watched ton of Archie Bunker, we went to garage sales, saw Air Force dog handlers and their dogs, Remy had poison ivy rash, we got to see presidential candidate Hunter at our church, Bab and I had a birthday, we found a farm to get fresh eggs from, the new cat got lost, we found a puppy on our back porch on Memorial Day, we went over to Pastor Derksen's house for Memorial BBQ, met new neighbors, Tan and David are coming to visit tomorrow, roof is still leaking ..... I 'd say we had quite a month :) And I am sure I am forgetting a lot of stuff. So I'd better hurry up now and cover the most important events .....